Lake Information

Green River Lake is a haven for the water sport and fishing enthusiast as well as the vacationer that just wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This 8,200 acre lake offers over 33 miles of picture perfect water lying between 250 miles of shoreline. With an average depth of 50 feet and its widest point, 1 mile across it is just perfect for crappie fishing.

Green River Lake is situated in Adair and Taylor Counties, Kentucky. The dam, located on Green River Lake, is an 11 mile drive from the cities of Campbellsville and Columbia, and less than 100 miles from Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky.

Area Attraction


A great side trip near Green River Lake is the Tebb’s Bend Battlefield. Tebb’s bend is a registered national site and attraction. It is the place that Brigadier General Morgan rode west from middle Tennessee in 1863. With handpicked soldiers nearly 2500 strong he met Colonel Orlando Hurley Moore and 200 men of the 25th Michigan Infantry on July 4, 1863. At sunrise, Union soldiers opened fire on the Confederate cavalrymen. The gunfire was soon answered with a volley of confederate artillery. After three hours of intense fighting, the outnumbered Union force turned the confederates and stopped them from crossing at Tebbs’ Bend. This stand kept Morgan from reaching the vital supply line at the Lebanon-Campbellsville-Columbia Turnpike.

There is a 3-mile road through the battlefield and includes 12 stops. One of the stops is at the Atkinson-Griffin Log House. It was a Confederate Hospital and is now a museum. It’s a diorama of the battle with a photographic exhibit and Union and Confederate uniforms. It also displays photos of the 25th Michigan and other local Civil War history. Source  For directions and more information please visit

Green River Lake is a crappie destination that I plan to enjoy for years to come. The surroundings are beautiful and the fishing is excellent. Green River Lake is also a great vacation for the whole family with a great variety of activities throughout the area. A destination with great facilities and even better people to welcome you to their community. Are you looking to get away on a peaceful crappie fishing vacation? Check out Green River Lake, you won’t be disappointed.